Current Subscribers Only: Switch and Get a 5-Star (15-day) Tweet Splash Premium for $15 (now and later)

Specials and giveaways are not going away. We’re actually planning to do more giveaways in the very near future. However, what is going away is the BookTweeter Promotions website.

We are in the process of redesigning the main BookTweeter website and have decided that it would be more efficient to combine the promotions site with the main site.

We are also switching to a new subscriber portal, which we are confident will be more reliable and easier to manage.

The purpose of this post is to ask you to reconfirm that you want to continue to receive emails about specials and giveaways so that we can add you to the new system. As always, this is the only reason you will receive emails; for specials and giveaways. We will not share your email with anyone else for any reason whatsoever.

Because we realize that it can be a hassle to reconfirm what you’ve already confirmed, we decided to offer an incentive to those who reconfirm their desire to continue to receive emails about specials and giveaways from us.

The special…

If you reconfirm by 11:59pm EST on Saturday, 25 February 2017, you can take advantage of our special for a 5-Star Tweet Splash Premium at the low cost of $15. The current regular price of a 5-Star Tweet Splash Premium is $135, and we are working on price increases as you read this message.

To sweeten the deal…

If you take advantage of the first 5-Star Tweet Splash Premium special, we will email you a link to take advantage of the same deal in thirty (30) days. All you have to do is maintain your subscription until the end of your second Tweet Splash at the special rate.


Taking advantage of the special is optional, of course. If you just want to reconfirm without taking advantage of the specials, that is totally fine. You are not obligated to purchase anything to remain on our subscription list.

Just fill out the form below and click the “Reconfirm” button, and you’re all set.

Current Subscription

enter the email that brought you to this post; once we have added you to our new system you can always change to a different email later
enter the entire URL; example:

The Special

  • a 15-Day Tweet Splash Premium for $15 now and a 15-Day Tweet Splash Premium for $15 later
  • restrictions apply to the special
  • receiving information about the special does not obligate you to make a purchase
  • the special is only available to current subscribers


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