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14 (x3) Free 15-Day Ad Slots Available

First Timers' Special - 10 Days for $10

BookTweeter promotes books across 34 (what we call) Twitter genre accounts. While each account has its own Twitter feed, we also have a hub site for all feeds called Genre Jungle. On the Genre Jungle site, there are 14 slots where we have been advertising adult coloring books, and we thought it might be worthwhile to do a test to see if those ad spots are good avenues of exposure for our clients. We promote the Twitter genre accounts site 24/7 across all our Twitter accounts. Based on the stats, many people visit the Twitter genre accounts site each day.

To this end, we are asking our previous clients to help us test our hypothesis by offering you a free, 15-day ad spot on Genre Jungle. The ad will simply be your book cover and a “click to learn more” button, which will take the reader to the buy site you request we link to.

Restrictions on this free ad spot offer:


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